Next generation battery recycling

cylib offers an innovative and sustainable technology for Lithium-ion Battery recycling. For a true circular economy instead of further depletion.

Proprietary ecological technology

The cylib process was developed in years of research at RWTH Aachen University. The process is filed for patent and not only consumes less water but also uses CO2.


Less acids needed

The cylib process uses a patend-filed pre treatment which allows the reduction of acids in the hydrometallurgical processes. This furthermore leads to a reduction of additives which further improves the process’ footprint.


Additives for recovery of Lithium

Due to a water based lithium recovery no additives are needed in the extraction process. Moreover for graphite minimum amounts of additives are required by a proprietary solution.


Recycling efficiency

The cylib process recovers all valuable materials from batteries as well as from production scrap. Besides recovering all elements, the recycling efficiency already overachieves future regulatory targets.

A holistic and innovative solution for the recycling of Lithium batteries

End-to-end process

The cylib process covers the entire battery recycling value chain from end-of-life batteries to marketable raw materials.

Overachieving regulatory targets

cylib already over achieves EU battery regulations for the next 10 years.

High quality products

Our recycled products process a significantly lower footprint than raw materials from mining.

Science-based process leads to a minimized ecologic footprint

As part of a renowned battery recycling team at RWTH Aachen University, the cylib founders developed an innovative recycling process for the true circularity of batteries. The years of development led to a sustainable and efficient recycling end-to-end process.

Less CO2 emissions

Recycled materials possess a considerably lower footprint than virgin raw materials. The cylib process increases this advantage even more due to a patent-filed CO2 efficient technology.

Base metal recovery

The cylib processes possesses thermal, mechanical and hydrometallurgical steps. Hereby, the recovery of all base metals is enabled. Besides, not only elements like cobalt can be recovered, but also a separation of aluminum and copper foils is possible.

Clean hydrometallurgy

The innovative water based lithium and graphite recovery was developed in years of research at RWTH Aachen University. The process not only enables the recovery of graphite but also reduces the use of additives and acids.

From waste to resources

The cylib process transfers waste from end-of-life batteries or production scrap into marketable products. cylib covers all steps from the discharging of batteries up to hydrometallurgical extraction. Since the whole process is in one hand, also the processing of production scraps as well as black mass is possible.

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